Black society + mental illness = negative stigma
 This stigma makes the discussion about mental illness more difficult in an African American household.

Mental health is a sensitive subject in the black community, making it not talked about. With the use of references from creative archives. And the research of mental health in the black community. I created a partnership with the Black Mental Health Alliance. Becoming the platform for the "I'm Not Fine" project to start the conversation about mental health in the black community.

Campaign & Podcast Logo

Podcast List

Let’s Talk Mental-i-Tea
general information on mental health in the black community

We Ain’t Neva Speak
Why those with mental health don’t talk about it to their families

I’m Not Fine
Why it’s okay to show emotions, and how to express them to people of importance to you

Black Minds Matter
Talks about therapy. Why, How, and the resources. 
 featuring Big Sean a celebrity advocate for therapy 

Social Media Animations
Promoting Podcast Topics

Spotify Animated Video

Logo Process

The INF  abbreviates I'm not fine. 
The colors are pulled from the Black Mental Health Alliance as they are the platform giver for the project.
The letter N and the tittle of the i, are  purposely different colored: to represent feeling separated and excluded, but also to represent the thought of mental health by said person.

Distressed illustrations

Archive References

Settled: a handbook 

SVA Archives 
Isolation - 28134032
Corona Silhouette - 28109282
Social Distance Keeps Virus Distant- 28107729
Fear Captioned - 28109288
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