How do we go about changing the gaming community saturated by men?  
Simple. No Gaming intimidation based on gender. Gaming is not defined by one's gender. It is defined by one's abilities.
Twitch a streaming service that has a heavy focus on the gaming community that is mostly saturated with men. Female gamers in this community tend to experience gaming intimidation from males in the gaming community and are often not catered to.
Together we helped Twitch create a "No Gaming Intimidation" movement. To empower new and current female gamers by cultivating a positive gaming community for all.
In collaboration with Anna Sefil
WAP: "Women Are Playing" 
featuring your celebrity gamer Megan Thee Stallion

To emphasize that gaming is about skills, not gender. We created the WAP anonymous pop-up gaming arena. Any player can enter the booth and is playing with an unknown player. Who they are playing with is not revealed until the end of their round. 

Among the anonymous Female competition would be Megan thee Stallion, our 'No Gaming Intimidation " spokesperson. And WAP: "Women Are Playing" representative. 

Magazine Ad with QR Code, that directs to Twitch streaming site featuring women streamers. Feel free yo give it a try.


A special message from our celebrity spokesperson. And gamer Megan Thee Stallion. This message plays when players begin listening to the empowering songs on Twitch's Official Spotify playlist. Allowing players to share the empowering musical energy through listening parties as they go round for round while streaming. 

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